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Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to answer questions you may have about home inspections, in general, or about True Point and its services, I have provided the following: 

1. Why should I get a home inspection?
A competent home inspection provides the information required to make an educated decision about a specific property being purchase, sold, insured or rented.  Without such an inspection, you might be susceptible to significant cost, risk and liability. 

2. When should I arrange for my home inspection?
It is best to decide on an inspection company as soon as you have found a property you wish to purchase, sell, insure or rent. If you prefer being proactive while in the property-searching phase, you may contract our services in advance.  It will be our pleasure to assist with any questions during the process.

3. What should I expect from a competent home inspector?
A competent, professional, and licensed inspector will typically take 2-3 hours to inspect an average-sized home. The inspector will visually inspect all pertinent systems and components of your home.  He/she will offer a descriptive report, including any discrepancies which may impact the safety of the occupants and/or adversely impact the home’s value.  

4. How much do your home inspections cost?
Home inspection costs vary depending on the properties size, age, location, subcomponents and outbuildings. The best way to obtain an exact cost for any of our services is to either contact us via phone or email through the “contact us" however the average local home to include all of the
value added service under "value" averages under $399.

5. When do I pay for my home inspection?
Payment for the home inspection is accepted at the time the inspection is performed.

6. What are your accepted payment methods?
TruePoint Home Services accepts personal checks, cash, and money orders. 
7. When will I get my home Inspection report?
I will provide you with our home inspection report electronically within 24-hours of the inspection.
8. Do inspectors include cost estimates with their home inspection reports?
Many inspection companies do NOT provide cost estimates; however, TruePoint Home Services does provide estimates in the form of cost ranges if requested. Cost range estimates provided by our company should not be relied upon solely to determine the cost of all necessary repairs.  They are to be used for budgetary purposes only, as repair costs may vary depending on time of the year, contractor, materials used, or hidden damage not visible during a non-invasive home inspection.

9. Can your inspector tell me what my house is worth?
No.  Our job is not to tell you what your home is worth, only to inform you of the cost, risk and liability of owning your property. Home values are considered the responsibility of a professional real estate appraiser. 

10. Does your inspector walk the roof?
Our inspectors make every effort to get on the roof of a subject property to evaluate the roof and other components such as the chimney, roof vents, and roof drainage systems.. Unfortunately, there are several variables that may prohibit walking on the roof such as weather, slope, pitch, and type of shingle, along with regulatory challenges related to OSHA (29 CFR 1926.1053) and insurance liability.

11. Does TruePoint provide additional ancillary services?
Yes, we are professionally trained and certified by the governing bodies responsible to provide other ancillary services such as Radon and Termite inspection as outlined under “our services”.

12. Do I need to attend my home inspection?
We do recommend you attend the home inspection, but it is not mandatory.. This is the best way to get the most out of the home inspection experience.  Your inspector will provide helpful tips and areas to watch during your home ownership. If you are out of town or unable to be present; TruePoint will provide our reports electronically and follow up with telephone consultation after your inspection should you have any questions.

13. Are there limitations to the home inspection?
Yes, limitations do exist with all inspections. Since an inspection is a visual inspection of the property and it’s components at a given point in time, dismantling of systems or components are not conducted. There are many variables that may impede, impact, or otherwise limit an inspection. Limitations include furniture and stored belongings impeding access points, homes that are winterized that may have their water turned off, inclement weather or snow covered areas making access impossible, as well as dense vegetation and/or snow that could prevent a proper assessment of the grading close to the home. 

14. Does TruePoint inspect commercial properties?
Yes, I provide inspection services for commercial properties such as small retail stores, restaurants and small shopping centers.  I call it a Safety Survey Walk-Thru as its based on the outline under “ Our Services – Inspection Guidelines” but has more of a focus on the impact to your employees and customer safety.

15. Does Maryland have laws or licensing for Home Inspectors?
You have to be licensed in the state of Maryland to perform home inspections. Maryland law creates the State Commission of Real Estate Appraisers and Home Inspectors to regulate home inspectors. The Commission is charged with establishing a code of ethics and standards of practice for licensed home inspectors, and providing a copy of such standards to each licensed home inspector. Maryland law requires home inspectors to disclose professional qualifications and the scope of the inspection within the home inspection contract. The law also requires home inspectors to conduct home inspections in accordance with the standards of practice set forth by a professional home inspection trade association such as ASHI or the National Association of Home Inspectors. Such “standards” can be found under the “standards” tab of our website.

16. What is TruePoint service area?
We provide inspection services in the following areas; Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, and Prince George's County.

17. Are there things I can do to reduce my energy cost?

TruePoint offers a FREE Home Energy Report with every Pre-Purchase & Pre-Listing Home Inspection. Each Home Energy Report™ comes with a free, online Home Energy Book, which is sent electronically along with your home inspection report. Homeowners can access their eBook through their Home Energy Report™. Making energy improvements include saving on your utility bills, increasing the comfort of your home and reducing your use of natural resources. To conduct a Home Energy Inspection, I will collect about 40 data points related to energy. I will then use an advance energy calculator developed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors to:

Estimate the home yearly energy usage
Pinpoint potential energy inefficiencies
Develop recommendations for energy improvements
Determine your potential savings
I hope this answers many of your questions about our home inspections services.  If you want more information, you can use my handy contact information form under "contact us" or give me a call as I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Schedule an inspection today below.